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Stop Your Depression Now

Stop Your Depression Now
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At the very least, 30% of the American population suffer from a depression. This disease can not only destroy people suffering with it, but everyone around them, especially their loved ones.

Stop Your Depression Now! will help you win the battle against depression. Written by a licensed clinical counselor who spent her life helping families and individuals fight depression, this book contains all the real-world advice you need to understand this disease and control it.

All the advice in a simple book

Price: $7.95

The Secrets for Small Business Success

The Secrets for Small Business Success
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Over 60% of businesses will fail for numerous reasons, including natural disasters, fraud and lack of experience. However, most businesses really fail because of managerial incompetence, that is, most entrepreneurs set out to run a business without preparing themselves for the road ahead.

This book will put you with the 40% that succeed by giving you all the insider trade secrets on how to start and run a business, and sharing the real-world experience that you need to manage your business successfully, including the tips and tricks that will help you stay afloat when times get rough.

Price: $19.95

The Ultimate Car Buying Guide

The Ultimate Car Buying Guide
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Best Selling Ebook - Tips and tricks you should know to get the best possible deal and protect yourself from scams and over-charges.

At the very least, this guide will literally save you thousands of dollars by helping you secure the best possible deal when you buy your next car. It can also protect you from expensive and tedious scams such as over-charges after purchase and other hidden-costs and scams that car dealers normally come up with.

Price: $9.95

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu

The Art Of War - Sun Tzu
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Best Selling Ebook - This classic, although written 2500 years ago, is still one of the greatest books on military strategy across the world! Our current United States Army requires all soldiers to read The Art of War before completion of the military training. Sun Tzu’s military teachings have extended past military strategy into politics business, and everyday life. Learn these famous teachings to not only gain advantage, but master your opponents in all areas of life. Become an expert of persuasion and strategy!

The 13 Famous Chapters:

I.Laying Plans
II. Waging War

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